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Nov 15, 2012 5:00am EST
had a record-breaking triplets. >> a word of caution about a highly caffeinated energy shot. they are investigating the popular energy drink. find out why at 6:00. virginia tech and the university of virginia, at two dick schools with an even bigger rival rick perry >> there are competing -- two at big schools that are competing against each other in a bitter rivalry. >> two schools known for backing men and women in uniform. they want to be known for supporting men and women in a different type of uniform. >> we both have alumni involved in the military. what better way to try to increase participation by playing on that competitive element. >> virginia tech and uva alumni are teaming up to see which school can collect the most books for the united for a reading program. they send a books overseas. once there, trades are able to record themselves reading a book to their children. -- troops are able to record themselves reading a book to their children. >> goodnight, guys. >> we have heard from some families that say their son will wake up and have breakfast with that on television an
Nov 9, 2012 5:00am EST
lost a lot of energy. it is pulling out toward the canadian maritime. maybe a little snow and northern maine, but everyone else will see sunshine. high pressure pushing into the region. this will be the dominating feature the next couple of days. winds out of the northwest, but it will slide of to the east the next couple of days and bring in the flow. here is a huge storm system today in the intermountain west. we could see 16 inches of snow. we will get some rain by tuesday. mostly sunny skies today, a little bit warmer. tonight expecting clear skies cold temperatures, 30-37. mostly sunny and a 63 saturday. sunday, which is veterans day 67 and sunshine. we might even see a shower late monday night, but that is mostly a tuesday even try now. temperatures will drop back down into the 50's. hopefully a long stretch of good traffic as well. >> we do start off nice and quiet. i was thinking, i have a couple of obstacles for the morning commute. map it out before you head out. river road and the potomac area. the ilm crew will be out again. use of glen road. figure that up before you head
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2